About us

Win Cycling Centre is based in Mississauga and run by Canadian & World Champion
Krzysztof Kurzawinski.

The Kurzawinski Coach Cycling Club is a natural fit with our racing team. Some people get intimidated by the idea of a race team, but our racers are a great bunch of guys and girls who, above all, like to ride their bikes! So what better way to improve your enjoyment on the bike as well as your fitness and skill level by joining a bunch of like minded individuals for organized group rides.

We have a number of different ride options, almost every day of the week. Most ride options follow an “out and back” type route so that the larger group can split into different abilities out on the road and easily regroup on the way back.

For all club rides, participants must be a Club Member, registered through the OCA, prior to attending. You can learn more about joining the team at the Join the Team link.

Riders who attend group rides should first ensure that their bikes are tuned up and in good working order. If you’re not able to take care of this on your own, please contact Coach Kurzawinski for a tune-up or an updated bike fitting.

During the ride, each individual should be self sufficient and should be able to handle anything that comes up (i.e. flat tire). The group is always helpful and you won’t be left alone, but it’s bad form to come to a ride assuming or expecting that others will fix your bike. Also be sure to come properly fueled and hydrated, especially important during the summer months, bring food and drinks to consume along the way.

If you’re new to riding in a group, your still welcome but just be sure to let the Coach know in advance. Depending on your ability level you may be able to jump right in or you might want to take a couple group riding and bike handling lessons from the coach.

We’ll have ride maps and profiles available for our most common routes so you can download them and print them out before attending. If you have any questions or special requests please contact us to let us know!


Coach Kris at the 2015 Masters Pan Am Championships in Puerto Rico.

The Coach


Krzysztof Kurzawinski started winning bike races as a child in Poland. His success grew in to a professional cyclist winning many road races and tours in criterium, track, and cyclo cross. Since Krzysztof lived 1 km away from a professional velodrome and cycling club, he was spotted by one of the best coaches in Poland and became the youngest rider on the national team; winning many national medals and podium finishes in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Yugoslavia.
Krzysztof was first on the list of the 84′ Olympics on the track for both the 4 km team pursuit and 50 km points race, but unfortunately, because he was living in a communist country there was a boycott at the time and all his hopes and dreams of an Olympic medal were over. In 1985, at the time of the World Championships, Krzysztof was at a training camp before the big race where two days before his flight he was again held back – this time because of a passport issue. An alternate cyclist took his place and the team ended up with a silver medal at Worlds.


His last success was a national gold medal in a points race on the track in 85′. Krzysztof then immigrated to Germany where he raced professionally for two years and then he went through some of life’s changes and challenges, including moving to Canada, and stopped racing for a while. In 2000, he started coaching and in 2009 he started racing again with his two sons Damian and David. Krzyzstof can now be seen dominating the Master Categories across Ontario as well as coaching a growing Masters Racing Team.


In 2010 Krzysztof qualified for and then competed at the UCI Masters World Track Championships in Portugal.

In 2015 Krzysztof won several events at the Canadian National Track Championships in Milton Ontario. Later that year he travelled to Puerto Rico as a member of the Pan – AM Canadian Masters Team and returned with a slew of Gold Medals and Pan Am Championship Jerseys.

In 2016, Krzysztof travelled to Manchester England to take part in the Masters Track World Championships taking GOLD in the Points Race.


Club Membership

Whether you want to improve your cycling ability on the Road or Track, or become part of a large group of weekend riders