Win Cycling Centre

Winter Training at the Win Cycling Centre
Located at: Erin Mills Fitness 6460 Millcreek Drive (At Erin Mills Parkway) Mississauga, Ontario. L5N 2V6

For the 2017-2018 off-season, Canadian & World Champion – Coach Krzysztof Kurzawinski will be running the Winter Training Program at the Win Cycling Centre at Erin Mills Fitness in Mississauga. Join the team and the Coach for some targeted training as well as access to the other great gym resources!

The Winter Training Program at the WIN Cycling Centre is approximately 5 months long. It starts on November 2nd and continues until April 6th. There is a break over Christmas from Dec 21st to Jan 3rd.


One Session: a week: $500

Two Sessions a week: $1000

Three Sessions a week: $1200

Seven sessions a week: $1500

We have lots of time slots available for training so depending on which option you choose you will be able to work your training in around your work, school and daily schedule.

Win Cycling Centre Schedule:

Monday – 9am & 7pm

Tuesday – 9am & 7pm

Wednesday – 9am & 7pm

Thursday – 9am & 7pm

Friday – 9am & 7pm

Saturday – 9:30am

Sunday – 9:30am

What equipment do I need?
You will need to bring the following items:

Bike (note: you can also use the gyms spin bikes)
Trainer or Rollers
Heart Rate Monitor
Bike Shorts
Water and/or energy drink in a cycling water bottle
Running Shoes for extra strength and stretching exercises
Can I leave my bike and equipment at the centre?
We are offering a storage space for athletes who prefer to leave their bike and trainer. We strongly advise for you to lock your bicycle and trainer together with a cable lock. If you bring a padlock you will have access to a locker for your personal effects.

Where do I park?
Parking is free and at front of the building.

What if I miss a training session?
We understand that unfortunate incidences may prevent you from attending a training session. Please keep us up to date by emailing Krzysztof at and a training session will be sent to you if you decide to do it on your own.

I am not good enough to keep up?
Through our proven periodized training model and countless years experience we assure you that the classes are for everyone at any skill level. We will build up your skills and have you ready for fast group road rides or races next season.

Why should I join a group session when I can train at home?
Cycling is supposed to be fun. We know that indoor training alone is as exciting as watching paint dry. By joining our motivated and enthusiastic group of women and men who all speak the same language; the language of cycling, fitness and fun. Camaraderie and an exciting social environment will inspire you to get out of bed or elevate your from your winter blues. The Win Cycling Centre is focused on motivating and inspiring you to be a healthier person.

If I join will I become a stronger cyclist?
We have a strategic and scientific plan that is designed to build aerobic capacity for any skill level. The plan is to hit the road with fitness to achieve your goals. We will be working on various elements of your fitness and it is important to stick to our coaching plans. Kyrstof’s years of experience will guide you from making the mistakes of over-training or strategic blunders around intervals and high heart rate training. The time to get it right is now, join Win Coaching and elevate your game.

After the winter program is done you will not worry about surviving over a steep climb or a quick surge in speed on your friendly group ride, you will be ready to attack.