I finally had a chance to YouTube the points race from Manchester and it did not quite match what I remembered so it was good to see the event from the unbiased cameras point of view. Krys, you rode a magnificent race. You were in the right place at all the right times and put on a master class on how to ride a points race. I am humbled at your skill and ability and must apologise to you as I thought I had slowed the group to allow you get away. But after seeing the race I am embarrassed to realize that I did nothing to contribute to your win, you earned it all yourself. To be honest the race was a blur after I got pulled back in and it was all I could do to just hang onto wheels and not get dropped. After the race I was feeling very sick and all I could think of was to warm down in order to feel better so I also want to apologize for not being present at your victory ceremony.

I hope you have enjoyed the accolades you have surely received. Your win will always be a part of who you are and something that you can carry with pride for the rest of your life. You earned it through a lot of hard work and now you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Your Friend


“I joined Krysztof Kurzawinski’s race team 3 years ago and I can attest that it’s been the best experience of my life.”

As a beginner racer I almost quit, because I just couldn’t keep up with the other riders; and was often dropped in races. Coach Krys immediately addressed my weaknesses both on and off the road. He taught me strategic tactics, how to eat and most importantly recovery! Coach Krys rebuilt my confidence along with his training program, which helped me finally win races and qualify for the world master championships twice, representing Canada; a dream come true!
As a former pro..coach Kyrs was trained at every level and has a proven track record as a WINNER!! He passes this invaluable experience along to his rider’s, which helps close the gaps in race experience.

Andy D.


The Kurzawinski Cycling Club is a “Flag Ship” operation serving its members well. The coaching model adopted by coach Ktystof is one of the best in the country. All cyclists joining this club will certainly benefit from the lessons learned under the guidance of the coach. Many of his athletes have not only become cycling champions but have also had the benefit of club camaraderie and fitness. His race strategies are proven and produce championship results. The club is not just about cycling it is also about a lifestyle of fitness.

Coach Krystof, a passionate cycling leader, is a hands on coach who will travel the extra mile to make you a better fitter athlete. What makes this club work is the teams socialization. The club members often travel together as a team which adds to the benefit of social interaction and friendship.

As a former National Cycling Champion I believe Kris to be one of best coaches in Canada yet to be discovered by people who which to become better, fitter, cycling champions.

Best Regards,

Peter Hein


I joined the Win Cycling Centre over a year ago and it’s been a great experience. Kris has assisted in developing the fundamentals of cycling and racing. The Win Cycling Centre is conveniently located in the heart of Meadowvale, Mississauga just south of the 401 on Erin Mills Parkway. Under Kris’ direction he has assisted with increasing my endurance, bike handling skills and sprinting ability. With the help of the Kris and the Win Cycling Centre I was able to progressively develop through the season to several top 3 finishes in both road races and duathlons. Despite all that, one of the best aspects of Kurzawinski coach and the Cycling Centre are the great people you meet along the way. These are people who will motivate, assist and encourage you to accomplish any goal you may have set up for yourself at the beginning of the season. Come and check out the Cycling Centre and watch as you surpass your expectations.

Garvin (Sean) M


As a forty something professional with a demanding career that requires frequent travel and two active kids who play high level sports with equally demanding schedules mine is a busy household. The beauty of working with a professional such as Krystof and the Kurzawinski Team is that I can drop into the training schedule as my time allows. Krystof has always made himself available to answer questions about diet, training techniques, equipment or racing strategy with a unique perspective gained from competing on a world level. The training itself is always fun, challenging, structured and non judgmental which allows me to progress at my pace alongside others reaching for higher goals in the sport. It is this infectious atmosphere that pushes me harder then I ever had on the many self directed training programs I tried in the past. The results speak for themselves, even with my time constrained schedule; I have gotten leaner, faster and am a consistent top 10 finisher in the M3 category in Ontario . I have always loved riding my bike but with the friendly and encouraging environment on the Kurzawinski Team I now love riding my bike even faster with more confidence.

Martin D


I met Kryzstof for the first time while riding out by Milton in the summer of 2010. I was out for a long solo ride when I heard a group of riders approaching from behind. I expected the ‘catch’ to be the usual pass without any hello. Instead I was greeted with an invitation to ride with the group. I kept up as best I could, chatted with Kryzstof for a while and learned that his group trained on some of the same roads I had been riding. Right away I saw Kryzstof’s love and enthusiasm for cycling.

In the autumn I showed up for some weeknight training rides in Mississauga and began to learn ‘how to ride a bike’ from Kryzstof. I remember one evening when Kryzstof stopped and did a track stand in the middle of the road. I asked how he did that and he said “I’ll show you.” Not many accomplished athletes are willing to teach others their ‘tricks of the trade’, however, Kryzstof is. If someone is willing to put in their best effort, willing to try something, Kryzstof is there to support and guide them.

I missed training during the winter in 2011 due to injuries, but showed up for early spring road rides and decided to try racing. Leading up to the first race of the year Kryzstof had the group ride in various formations (i.e. echelons) depending on road and weather conditions and began to educate some new riders on how to ride in a group. During my first race I was bumped hard on my left hand during a turn, but did not crash. One of the first things Kryzstof taught me was how to hold onto the handlebars when you are in a group so you don’t lose your grip. Coming out of that turn I was glad to have Kryzstof as my coach.

My first race is over and I’m hooked! Throughout 2011 and 2012 I trained with Kryzstof constantly. I don’t think I have ever had so much fun, working so hard, so often. It doesn’t matter that I can’t always keep up with the better riders in the group. Encouragement and support come from everyone in the group, something that is fostered by Kryzstof.

Winter training in 2011/12 consisted of jogging with stretching and ‘boot camp’ activities thrown in, swimming, snow soccer and mountain biking. We were outside on bikes until late February or early March in all kinds of weather. One ride in Milton I was behind Kryzstof on the trail when he hit a patch of ice. The next thing I know he is sideways on some ice and I don’t see how he can help but hit the deck, but he doesn’t. His recovery is as quick as his wheel sliding out. He looks back at me with a big smile on his face and said something like “Ha!! Just like when we were kids!” That pretty much describes training outside with Kryzstof in the winter – go outside and play. It really isn’t so much ‘training’ as it is playing. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a purpose to the variety of activities Kryzstof chooses. Each activity requires an appropriate effort. Kryzstof knows how to keep people from burning out and overtraining. I think that is a sign of a good coach.

Fast forward to spring 2013 and I have the better part of two seasons riding and racing with Kryzstof and Kurzawinskicoach. After another ‘lost’ winter I look forward to meeting new members and getting out on the road with my team mates. I have a lot of work to do to catch up to everyone who has been training all winter, but that’s OK. Kryzstof will be out riding with the group; coaching, teaching, pushing, pulling on your seat, always having fun on the bike.

Kryzstof offers “Competitive cycling in a social atmosphere” and that is exactly what we do – train/race hard but smart while having some fun.

Dave B


I was a bike racer through my teenage years and into my 20’s before quitting to get married, raise a family and basically make a living.
With my kids all grown up I decided to try and shed some unwanted pounds and get into better shape. I bought a bike and started to ride the roads west of Mississauga. Several times I saw the Kurzawinski Coach Team on their training rides and thought… wow I used to be able to do that!
One day I jumped in with the group as they headed out of town on one of their rides. I was seriously out of shape and soon found the going very tough. Several of the members dropped back one at a time and with words of encouragement pushed me over the hills and back in the group. At one point Coach Kris rode up along side me. I told him,” don’t wait for me. I’m done and don’t want to hold you guys up”. He looked at me, Gave me a push and said “We don’t leave anyone behind. Welcome to the club”
When the ride was over I was hooked. I started to go out on all the club rides each time getting stronger and stronger. With Kris’s insistence, I even entered and won some races! Who would have thought! Over the years I have reminisced as many do about my glory days as a bike racer but never did I think I would do it again!
That winter I joined Coach Kris and others at the WIN CYCLING CENTRE. I lost a ton of weight and my overall fitness is better than its been in 20 years!

Kris’s dedication to the club and its members is second to none. Without Kris and the rest of the members there is NO WAY I could have done this myself. The team has become my second family!

Jim G.


Where to begin. Let’s start from the beginning. I was at Blue Mountain to compete at the annually centurion (c50). I was there on Saturday a day before the race and was walking around from one booth to another booth. That’s when I met one of his students (Dave) and Coach Kris and we started talking. Dave had only good things to say about Kris, the winter program and the other fellow team mates. I said to myself “ya ya I’ll see how good they are”. In the morning of the race I was looking for team Kurawinski.
I positioned myself about 5 or 6 bikes behind them. Then the race began. I rode in eye contact of the last rider to make sure I was in reach. Just before the first hill I was 2 bikes behind. At the beginning of the hill I was on his wheel. They were climbing at a steady pace. I said to myself no problem, no big deal I can keep up. Suddenly they picked up the pace in the middle of the hill. That’s when they dropped me and a bunch of other riders. And at that very moment I thought to myself if Dave in one year of training can climb with so much ease, I have to join. What better than a national champion to teach me to be a better rider. I’ve been going 3 times a week for a month and I could not be more pleased. It definitely beats training at home by yourself or at a spin class where you will never train this hard or the right way.
If you want to be a better rider – join Team Kurawinski!